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Del Valle

Группа в интернете: https://www.facebook.com/DelValledj, http://www.soundcloud.com/del-valle, http://www.twitter.com/delvalledj, http://www.myspace.com/delvalledj, http://www.mixcloud.com/delvalle

Дискография Del Valle:

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Spanish Techno DJ and producer, born in 1982 and based in Madrid. He is the founder of [l=Kan Records]. Bio. Born in 1982, from his youth is attracted to the music, and that his family has several musicians, most serious influence his grandfather who was a master pianist and that he would initiate in this music. For a while his grandfather tries to study music theory, which is denied every time. At first his musical tastes are varied, and since childhood his parents buy his first vinyls of artists like Prince, Michael Jackson and other groups of the late 80s and early 90s. Among the variety that listens, you begin to attract the music of bands like Kraftwerk, Front 242, Nizer Ebb, Depeche Mode, etc .... That electronic sound catches his eye. With the emergence of this new electronic sound, which eventually was deribando in new styles such as Acid-House and Trance is when interest begins to electronic music. Start listening specialized programs like the legendary program "It's Your Time" or "Ten Dance". That's when the DJ discovers and decides what he wants to do. With about 14 years gets its first team to punch, as he is young can not afford to buy records and often have to borrow a friend who is Dj to practice at home. As time begins to work while studying, which allows to buy more music. At 16 years and with the help of friends begin to organize their first parties and start playing at numerous local and Raves east of Madrid. With 18 years and one of his best friends in Campo Real gets a room where they begin to perform a multitude of festivals under the name of "Empire" and that the problems beyond the time they have to leave. In 2004 she opens her own shop in Madrid Vinyl, which did not do very well and this is where mediation discovered by a customer their new vocation "electronic music production." From here follow local Madrid clicking and holding parties possible. Enter the Xpansive collective Sergio Castilla where bowling get around the periphery of Madrid until the dissolution of the group. It is at this point that focuses exclusively on producing their music. It creates a small studio where he began his first baseman has created, but does not see things right. Contact is when Angel Sanchez, which would impart classes of electronic music production, which led him to get a good knowledge of the production of electronic music. From this moment begins to publish its topics in Digital labels as BDivision, CE Records, 24 Bit, Dust Poker, Progressive Records, etc ... With more than 100 tracks in the market and with a very own style predominantly dark sounds and electrical sockets and sounds "Glitch". Currently runs his own label Kan Records, which was released in September 2011 and now has more than 10 references in the market. It was also the Manager of the seals and 24 Bit BDivision Mannarini Roby. Along with Angel Sanchez teaches electronic music production with Ableton Live and Dj Techniques in the School of Image and Sound CES Currently the group is a component SuperHero, with which organizes parties throughout the downtown area and around Madrid, opening a small gap on the scene with a focused sound to Techno and Tech-House. A performed in venues such as; Palenque (Arganda del Rey, Madrid), After Kyu (Torrejon, Madrid), Sala Boss (Rivas, Madrid), Specka (Madrid, Madrid), Groove (Pinto, Madrid), the Dome (Estremera. Madrid), Sun Sarao (Illiescas, Toledo), La Terraza (Malaga), Maui Club (Madrid), Jala Jala (Madrid), Synth Meeting (Cádiz), etc ..... For Jazz musician please use [a=Del Valle (2)].

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