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Lucy Neale

Также известно как: L. Neale, Lucy, Neale, T. Touchton

Дискография Lucy Neale:

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Born in Cleveland, Ohio. Talented singer, songwriter & vocalist for numerous artists, since the early seventies. In 1974, Lucy was one of the vocalists on the first 'Silver Convention' album "Save Me". As solo artist, she recorded a single released in Germany with the name "Lucy O’Day". After having left the group "Family Tree," she formed a rock-jazz band in Munich with another "Family Tree" member, Mel "Candy" Canady, called "Ruby and the Mudflaps". From 1975 until 1978, Lucy joined the German group "Love Generation" and, in 1980, together with "Love Generation" member Gitta Walther, formed a four-woman vocal harmony group called "The Hornettes". In 1985, at age of 37, Lucy left Germany and "The Hornettes" and returned to the United States.

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