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Alberto Favata

Alberto Simonluca Favata

Также известно как: A. Favata, Favata

Дискография Alberto Favata:

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Italian singer-songwriter, composer, music producer, author and screenwriter (Born 1948, PIacenza), in art [a=Simon Luca], but begins his career in Milan in 1967 as [a=Alberto Oro]. In 1968 is with the vocal quartet [a=Play-co, The] featuring [i]Elenore[/i] by [a=Turtles, The] with [l=Ri-fi]. In 1969 his song [i]Da 5 Anni[/i] is sung by [a=Dalton (3)], the same band plays italian version written by him of [i]Venus[/i] by [a=Shocking Blue, The]. In early 70s Simonluca's 1st album [i]Da 3.000 Anni[/i]. Then, forms Simonluca & [a=L'Enorme Maria], an ensemble with many musicians from Milan such as [a=Alberto Camerini], [a=Fabio Treves], [a=Ricky Belloni], [a=Eugenio Finardi].

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