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Ray Perez

Дискография Ray Perez:

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Ray Perez is a native of the Rio Grande Valley who first entered into the music scene as a teenager in his first band, Brio. They played local festivals and keggers and built a solid following of their peers. The introduction of Social Media on the internet made Ray Perez become a more globally recognized artist whose music has been heard around the world, including a song that was played at the Toronto International Film Festival, and The BFI in London. Ray Perez has also collaborated with Hollywood Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the actor's collaborative production website, hitRECord.org. The two paired up to work on a rap song that was included on the website's first anthology, hitRECord RECollection Volume 1, which also includes artists, Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl of the band the GOASTT. Ray Perez had most recently joined The Vangoes, a hip-hop, funk-soul fusion, rock, r&b, genre hopping project founded by Shawn Elliot and Lamar Jones. Ray had taken the role of bass player in the band, and was working with The Vangoes on many important, community enriching, musical projects, and collaborations. Ray continues to work with hitRECord.org on their new TV series entitled "HITRECORDonTV" which airs on the Pivot Network. He is currently the singer for a 90's Cover Band called Breakfast With Elephants. For Venezulan Salsa band leader use [a=Ray Pérez]

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