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Falko Janak

Группа в интернете: http://www.daredude.de, http://www.myspace.com/gedudel

Дискография DareDude:

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"The revolution is over, the bum has lost - DareDude abides." What he actually abides by, and for what purpose, nobody knows for sure. And there's a reason to it, too: He just doesn't like to get nailed down on anything. Having his hands on various genres ,he is always on a mission of finding these special, somewhat small but powerful highlights he couldn't bear to withhold from the crowd. He might surprise and provoke you, with a sudden cocky smile; nevertheless he's a solid and reliable component ready to start and pick up on party-vibes blowing them through the roof. His sets are firm as a rock, prevailing in the surf of dance. DareDude is not a complicated person and his music resembles his mentality. He focuses on catchy melodies carried by a good deal of bass – a concept that enables him to project his notion of tonight's high spirits onto the dance floor. Ever since the millennium change, he's been working on his own music-projects which he presents in irregular intervals during his legendary life-shows. Finally, the overdue first release came out on BlackFoxMusic in 2008. He immerged deeper in the Berlin soundscape determined to leave his mark. New projects in cooperation with other artists are planned for in 2009. New material for live-gigs and further releases will be the outcome.

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