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Ione (4)

Ione Domingo Velázquez García

Также известно как: DJ Ione
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/djioneonlydj

Дискография Ione (4):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 The Brain Feeling 15 audio iTunes 2009 No Press Records

Artistically known as DJ Ione, began his career in 1998 when his interest for Old Skool Hardcore (simply known as Hardcore back in the day) made him start buying his very first vinyls and soon he was offered his first dj performance at Kiss (formerly known as K2) at the Tenerife Carnivals. Around 2002 Ione changed his style and he embraced a popular style in the island at that time, that is, Jump Up Drum & Bass. Therefore, he had the chance to meet "Time Party's" owner and promoter so he played in several events which took place at Sabor Venezolano. That's where his career as a DJ really took off and shortly afterwards he was playing Drum & Bass sets at venues such as DISCOTECA COCOLOCO- DISCOTECA LITTE HABANA - DISCOTECA LA CUPULA - DISCOTECA LA ISLA - DISCOTECA JINGER - DISCOTECA XITIO- DISCOTECA HABANNA CLUB SOCIAL - DISCOTECA TRAMPS- DISCOTECA BOBBY,S - DISCOTECA CROWSNET - DISCOTECA TROPICANA - DISCOTECA NOOCTUA - DISCOTECA SON -DISCOTECA K-TIRA - SALA JUANITO - HACIENDA DEL COYOTE - YEGUA LOCA - SALA TITANIC -EL JUNKITO - PUB LP - DISCOTECA KACHE - DISCOTECA PENNYS - DISCOTECA PLASTIC FANTASTIC - PUB CHANCLA- DISCOTECA LA OLA - AREPAS DE MILA- FINCA AFRICA - EL APIO - LA FINQUITA etc... It is worth to mention that Ione has been booked to play in other islands (La Gomera and La Palma) and during these years, he's had the chance to play with the likes of DJ HYPE - ANDY C- DJ PHANTASY - BENNY PAGE - 2 BAD MICE - MC SKIBADEE- SL2 - SAHABBA D - RACHEL WALLACE - DJ BARON - WAX & INFERNO - DJ SLIPMATT- DJ APHRODITE - DJ CHOLA - ELLIS DEE - ALTERN 8 - GENERATION DUB - PENDULUM - RAGGA TWINS - RAT PACK - DJ RECKLESS - BROOKES BROTHER - HOWTEK - DEE PATTEN - DANNY WHEELER - TANGO & RATTY - SIMON BASSLINE SMITH - DMS - BABY D - KROME & TIME -GENASIDE 2- RUNNING MAN - DJ RASCO - DJ SAM - MOVING FUSION - DJ FRESH - SHY FX - MAMPI SWIFT - N.R.G. - FRICTION - TOP BUZZ - HAZARD - POTENCIAL BADBOY - LOGISTICS - SWAN E - BROCKIE - DREAM TEAM - JMEKKA ( EX SIGMA 7 ) MCSPYDA at important raves such as Innovation In The Sun or Factory Nights. Currently, Ione is a familiar face in most of the Drum & Bass / Breakbeat events carried out in Tenerife where he shows his skills in order to make people have a good time while listening to his sets. Ione would like to thank all the promoters that have helped him so far...TIME PARTY -FACTORY RECORDS- CREATION PARTYS- CODIGO DJ-SCRATCH EVENTS-VISION CLUB- FUTURE EVENTS-AFTER CLUB ETC just to name a few of them. Nowadays, Ione is also producing tunes for a local label named No Press Records and Pumper Records, in which he has released his first album in 2009 called "Various - Psychopaths Of Music EP".No Press Records

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