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Cinnamon Chasers

Russell Davies

Также известно как: Cinnamon Chaser
Группа в интернете: http://www.cinnamonchasers.com, http://www.facebook.com/cinnamonchasers, http://www.myspace.com/cinnamonchasers, http://twitter.com/cinnamonchasers, http://cinnamon-chasers.bandcamp.com/

Дискография Cinnamon Chasers:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 A Million Miles From Home 13 audio iTunes 2009-06-16 Modus Records
2 The Elements 6 audio iTunes 2009-08-25 Modus Records
3 Sunset Drive 5 audio iTunes 2010-04-00 Modus Records
4 The Bomb 4 audio iTunes 2010-06-18 Modus Records
5 Future Disco 4 audio iTunes 2010-06-23 Modus Records
6 So Hard To Say 4 audio iTunes 2010-06-23 Modus Records
7 Jetstreams (Faze Action Remix) 4 audio iTunes 2010-04-14 Modus Records
8 Luv Deluxe (Remixes) 7 audio iTunes 2010-01-28 Modus Records
9 White Flag EP 4 audio iTunes Modus Records
10 Dreams & Machines 9 audio iTunes 2012-11-25 Modus Records
11 Science Remixes Part II 9 audio iTunes 2011-09-08 Modus Records
12 Time.Body.Tears 5 audio iTunes 2013-06-18 Modus Records
13 Hurts Too Much - EP 4 audio iTunes 2014-07-29 Modus Records
14 Sublimation 12 audio iTunes 2014-09-30 Modus Records

Cinnamon Chasers is the solo project of Russ Davies, nephew and son of Ray Davies and Dave Davies respectively (the two founding members of The Kinks). Russ has strong musical roots and cites early pioneers like Giorgio Moroder, Vangelis, Jean-Micheal Jarre, and KLF as key influences. His music described by Juno.co.uk as "a fusion of Aeroplane, Friendly Fires, Kris Menace and Alan Braxe, with a dash of Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre thrown in." Cinnamon Chasers is inspired by films like Flight Of The Navigator, Never ending Story. “I try to create music that gives me the vibe those classic films gave me as a kid” Rather than create pretentious moody dance music Russ wants to create music that has an honest heart, and good intentions, and feels like a good friend. Cinnamon Chasers achieves this with a perfect blend of crisp electronics, Pop based song structure and melodies, and an Indie feel. Russ also works under the Alias of ABAKUS, and released the album “That Much Closer to the Sun”, which was subsequently published to Jazz Summers’ BIGLIFE Music, and released on Liquid Sound, label of Killing Joke and the Verve producer Youth. Youth is also a good friend of Russ and they have worked on several collaborations together including a remix for The Orb in 2007. Cinnamon Chasers gained major notoriety with the track and music video for Luv Deluxe which won the SXSW Award for Best Music Video. The video has been a major viral hit on the internet with over 10 million views on the web and screened on over 30 film festivals worldwide, including nomination for best Dance Video at the UKMVAs. Cinnamon Chasers has performed globally for the last 2 years throughout Europe, Australia and South America, and has been recently touring USA playing at major EDM events Camp Bisco, Counterpoint Festival, City Bisco, Lights All Nights, and club shows at over 20 cities across North East USA. While not touring or working on a new album, CC is busy in the studio producing pop acts and song writers, remixing bands like Roxy Music, The Orb, The Perishers, and composing for TV and adverts for companies such as BBC, Sony, Cadbury, Castrol, Calvin Klein. Cinnamon Chasers’ recent album “Dreams & Machines” was released this Autumn 2012 and got support from many key music blogs that tip the album as the “most impressive of all”. “Dreams & Machines” is as diverse and varied as you would expect from such a prolific producer, featuring a myriad of dreamwave soundscapes, hyperspaced beats, funky analogue basslines, cut-up vocodas and energized melodies. In 2013 Cinnamon Chasers are releasing an EP on 18th June entitled Tears.Body.Time, and reportedly have a new album to be released winter 2013.

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