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Boy Jones

Young Dirty Bastard

Также известно как: Y.D.B. Boy Jones, Young Dirty Bastard
Группа в интернете: http://itsmyurls.com/ydbwutangclan

Дискография Boy Jones:

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Young Dirty Bastard Brooklyn born, Barson Unique Jones - grew up under the influence of nine legendary hip-hop emcees known to the world as Wu Tang Clan. One of the founders and leaders of the group was his father, Russell Jones – the late great & beloved Ol' Dirty Bastard. And, his cousin is Rza, the producer of the multiplatinum supergroup. Jones had mostly remained on the sideline as an admirer of the music being created by his family. But one day at nine years old of age, his father called him to perform verses on his song “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”, at the world famous Apollo stage in Harlem. From that day forward he always felt an urge to perform. His father thought he was just playing games when he would ask to go in the booth to record and would always respond by telling his son “you cant rap.” Barson decided to form a group with a friend called “Bang Out” at the age of sixteen and began to further develop his writing and performing skills. Convinced by Jones’ years of determination and focus, Rza decided to give him a shot in the booth. That trial effort gained Boy Jones the official stamp of approval when his first recording was later released on an official Wu Tang production. To top it all off, Rza signed Boy Jones to his Wu Music Group record label in the spring of 2009. Boy Jones raps with a unique freestyle flow and has an unorthodox writing style. He made a lasting impression to music lovers all over the country when he joined the original members of Wu Tang Clan on the Rock The Bells tour. Boy Jones was a natural as he entertained crowds of up to 70,000 fans. His crazy and high energy performances instantly became a hit. And when he performed his father's classics like "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" and "Brooklyn Zoo", the crowds went absolutely bananas!! The fact that he looks and sounds exactly like his father doesn’t hurt either. Boy Jones has been featured on Lord Jamars “5 Percent” album, and Rza’s soundtracks for “The Protector” and “Afro Samurai”. He was featured in XXL magazine and interviewed by BET at the 2008 BET Hip Hop Awards. He is currently working on his first solo music project and looking at various touring opportunities. He’s scheduled to drop his first single before the end of the year and release his album in the spring of 2010. Not limiting himself to music only, Boy Jones is also interested in film & television projects as well as licensing and endorsement deals. He’s also eagerly awaiting an upcoming documentary and possible feature film on the life of Ol’ Dirty Bastard. When he’s not in the studio, Boy Jones enjoys giving back to the community. Having witnessed the devastating affects of drugs first-hand, he’s interested in speaking to teens about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. For media interviews and booking information only, please contact management directly: Young Dirty Bastard youngdirtybastard@outlook.com

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