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Hour Of Charm All Girl Orchestra, The

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Дискография Hour Of Charm All Girl Orchestra, The:

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1 Hymns 8 audio iTunes 1949 Columbia

The Hour of Charm All Girl Orchestra was assembled by conductor and band leader Phil Spitalny who was said to have scoured the country for six months, at a cost of $20,000, auditioning some 1,500 women musicians, before selecting 22 of them to be in his group. Spitalny and the orchestra made their debut in New York City at the Capitol Theater, and began a network radio program, "The Hour of Charm," on January 3, 1935. He said that he found the best players in small towns, reasoning that the women were able to devote more time to practicing their instruments and developing good technique. He instructed them to follow a strict and rigid routine, rehearsing for five or six hours a day, and, as part of their contract, the women pledged not to leave and get married without giving six months' notice. Ranging in age from 17 to 30, it didn't take long for the band to become an attraction - and for years, their show was a fixture on Sundays, first over CBS (1935), then NBC (1936-46), and then back on CBS (1946-48). They became so popular by 1940 that the orchestra had expanded to 34 members. Spitalny's second spouse, Evelyn, was part of the group (she became its concertmaster) and was prominently featured as "Evelyn and Her Magic Violin."

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