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Pattie Howard

Также известно как: Patte Howard, Patti Howard, Patty Howard
Группа в интернете: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pattie-Howard/65243546128?sk=info, Array, http://www.myspace.com/wwwmyspacecompatience

Дискография Pattie Howard:

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Pattie Howard was born in Cleveland Ohio, began studying violin at age 7, wrote her first composition winning first place in the Cleveland public school classical competition citywide in her second year. Pattie recorded her first song at age 13 as lead singer in the gospel group "All God's Children" and began singing professionally at age 17, travelling world wide with various artist. "...I actually began writing out of my fascination with the Fairlight and DX7. The technology behind FM synthesis and sound design based on algorithms and sampling caught my attention and inspired me to create my own style of music. My first album on RCA is the product of this fascination and began my career as a producer..." She then went on to write, arrange and produce her second CD on [l=Light Records], "The Vison", after coming to the attention of [a=Ralph Carmichael], then president of this record label that was home to gospel artists [a=Andrae Crouch], [a=Winans, The], [a=Commissioned], [a=Kurt Carr] Singers, [a=Walter Hawkins], [a=Edwin Hawkins], and others. Her most recent production and release is "Piano Lady" by Ruth Ann Galatas, a classical pianist on Warner/Rimsky label. Pattie has worked with artists, including [a=Whitney Houston], [a=Michael Jackson], [a=Glady's Knight], [a=Quincy Jones], Andrae Crouch and others.

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