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Группа в интернете: www.universdj.com, http://emergence-fm.com, http://www.vibration.fm

Дискография LPR:

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LPR is a french dj & producer. He discovered the Electronic musics in 1998 with Trax Magazine, Radio Fg, Better Days (on NRJ) and Tracks (on Arte). These alternative musics absorbed him totally during his years of schools: a passion had been born. From years to years, he absorbed references, listened differents styles and learnt all the things about the club culture. Names of artists, clubs, differences between house, garage, techno or drum not the bass. The bases of this culture have not secrets anymore for him. He ventures on the production with cheap materials, what allows him to understand better, the structures of the tracks, the techniques used or rules appropriate for every style. He created many unrealeased tracks with different alias like Magic Floor, Deepnight or Master L. Thanks to a friend, he learnt the art of the mix and during years, he tried to reproduce it in his bedroom with vinyl decks in belt. But in 2004, he bought to himself his first Technics Mk2 with a new mixer. But, he always lived his passion alone, behind magazines or radio. And it's in 2005, that he shared with a touching community, his passion for the music on the universdj.com website. Differents parties lived, differents persons met, he lived strong moments with this community. He obtains his first residence radio on Groovesession.com . "It's The Music" is his broadcast which passed on Emergence Fm, a local radio in Limoges. LPR mixed once a week while taking back the work of productions with a better material. Since, he produces, remixes or re edits under diverse alias. But the whole is grouped together under a signature, Heartman Productions. In current events, he also mixes on a Belgian radio, Vibration Fm, in the broadcast Urban Groove. And he has just remixed Logan Dataspirit " Second tier " with his friend Yohan Esprada, on Soulheat.

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