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DJR (2)

Justin Reed

Также известно как: DJ R

Дискография DJR (2):

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The funky - techy side of Justin Reed Productions Born in Evanston, Illinois Justin was raised on a steady diet of Chicago house, dance and golden era hiphop during his teenage years. Chance exposures to Brian Borden and Traxx opened his eyes to the world of the dj in 1990. Justin officially started his dj career in 1996 while attending Kalamazoo College. This time it was exposure from Detroit and Windsor techno artists like Rolando/UR, DJ Bone, D Wynn, Kenny Larkin, Richie Hawtin and the Plus 8 crew. After school Justin moved back to Chicago and had a stint on WNUR streetbeat with a weekly DJ show featuring house, techno and classics. in 2000 he joined together with some like minded associates and formed illmeasures - a promotions crew that has become known for underground loft parties around chicago's industrial core. In 2004 Justin had the rare privilege of releasing a remix (Stax - Jazzbug (DJR MIX) for his favorite record Label - Derrick Carter's Classic Music CO.

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