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Дискография Noverbia:

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Noverbia is an alternate name and project of producer/dj/drummer Julian Morris formed in 2006. Under this name he makes mostly ambient and experimental music structures. Noverbia was part of the FIR Records, being featured on several compilations. Also, along with Narkoleptik, they appeared on Trip - The Movie’s soundtrack. Noverbia Quartet was a short-term project that held a concert at the Artensive International Arts Festival in June 2009, featuring dj/drummer Julian Morris, guitarist Marian Adochitei, cellist/bassist Teodora Slevoaca and violonist Corey. Recently, Julian Morris along with vocalist Monade & guitarist/actor Marian Adochitei changed the initial direction of Noverbia’s sound from abstract soundscapes to a more enjoyable downtempo music which is a hybrid of Trip-Hop, Classical Music & Alternative, those being the genres that were the most influential to the band. Also, Noverbia is a project always open to new collaborations with musicians and instrumentalists.

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