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King Electric

Члены группы King Electric: Chris Isepp, Peter Hartwig
Группа в интернете: http://www.top10records.org

Дискография King Electric:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Commit Yourself 5 audio iTunes 2011 Top 10 Records
2 Out Of Reach 5 audio iTunes 2012-04-30 Top 10 Records
3 Da King 4 audio iTunes 2009 Top 10 Records
4 King Electric 10 audio iTunes 2012-09-07 Top 10 Records
5 King Electric 10 audio iTunes 2012-09-07 Top 10 Records
6 Remixology Vol 1 6 audio iTunes 2013-12-06 Top 10 Records

King Electric is Chris Isepp and Peter Hartwig. They took their first musical attempts at beginning 1990s and first met each other at the upcoming and flourishing Viennese electronic music scene. While Peter was touring with the well known noise-pop band the Basket Boys, Chris made first attentions as Electro DJ & Producer. Due to the new influences the Basket Boys soon split and Peter founded BASK with his old band mate Manny Montana; which within a few years opened the way from an Underground live act to an official recording contract. At least since the albums Dark Monkey Moods (1997) and World Slow Down (1999), the band finally is counted as pioneers of the Vienna Downtempo School. At the same time, Chris stopped his own musical career and started as editor the "trailblazing graphic arts / technology magazine" (MTV, 1994) ENVELOPE. The magazine reached cult status and still is regarded as the first German-language print media, which united electronic music, graphic design and multimedia with each other. In summer 2000, after several studio sessions together, the pair decided to join forces and founded Sultans of Swing. The first single Summerbreeze was surprisingly successful, received reviews in the press (UK, Germany, Japan) and was due to his "charming 70s MFSB Phillysound" worldwide in club & radio charts represented. It was followed by further releases and various remixes / collaborations...in 2008 they decided a radical change of musical style, thus renaming the band King Electric. 2009: release of the first King Electric single Da King. The Radio Mix was also available on the FM4 Sound Selection 20 (feat. MGMT, Animal Collective, Franz Ferdinand, Placebo, etc.) and reached Nr. 5 at the official Austrian Compilation Charts....The official video clip with the two clowns was even presented as part of the Diagonale 2010 (Festival of Austrian Film). 2011: release of 4track EP Commit Yourself, peaked #12 @ Austrian Indie Charts. 2012: release of 4track EP Out Of Reach, peaked # 9 German Indie Charts 2012: release of selftitled debut Album (incl Singles Da King, Commit Yourself and Out Of Reach), Album of the Week on various national and international Radio Station 2013: release of 6track EP Remixology Vol 1

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