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Alida Valli

Alida Maria von Altenburger und von Markenstein Frauenberg

Также известно как: A. Valli

Дискография Alida Valli:

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actress Italian (bron on Pola (Istria), May 31, 1921 - died Rome, April 22, 2006) In 1943 leads to great success, the song [i]Ma L'Amore No[/i] by Galdieri - D'Anzi. In 1944 she married the jazz musician and surrealist painter [a=Oscar De Mejo]. Among the most her famous movie [a=Alfred Hitchcock]'s [i]The Paradine Case[/i], and [a=Luchino Visconti]'s [i]Senso[/i].

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