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Bert Vanden Berghe

Bert Vanden Berghe

Группа в интернете: http://www.brunk.be, http://brunk.bandcamp.com, http://brunkville.bandcamp.com, http://passivecabletheory.bandcamp.com, http://invertebrata.bandcamp.com, http://wearekareneliot.bandcamp.com, http://thereturns.bandcamp.com

Дискография Bert Vanden Berghe:

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Bert Vanden Berghe is a DIY home recording musician, born in Belgium (1977) and now living in Hulst (NL). His music (brunk, Passive Cable Theory, Karen Eliot, invertebrata…) ranges from instrumental guitar and indietronics to experimental, avant garde and noise. He has released several albums on netlabels like Resting Bell, WM Recordings, Dog Eared Records, AUREVOIRRR, .A.M.P.-records. and Bleak netlabel, and also directly on his own website and Bandcamp. Some of them are available on iTunes, Spotify a.o. as well. Most of them can be downloaded for free with a Creative Commons licence. Check www.brunk.be for more info, releases, download links and news.

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