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Underground Set, The

Также известно как: Underground Set, Underground Sound
Члены группы Underground Set, The: Ninety (2)

Дискография Underground Set, The:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Tanto Per Cambiare / Emisfero 2 audio iTunes 1970-10-27 Radio Records (3)
2 Motor Road Underground / Slaughter On The Motor Road 2 audio iTunes 1970 Radio Records (3)
3 Underground Set 13 audio iTunes 2008 Wah Wah Records Supersonic Sounds
4 The Underground Set 11 audio iTunes 1970 Pantonic
5 The Underground Set 11 audio iTunes 1970 Vogue Schallplatten
6 The Underground Set 11 audio iTunes 1970 Radio Records (3)
7 Arcipelago / La Filibusta 2 audio iTunes Radio Records (3)
8 The Underground Set 11 audio iTunes 2012-06-12 Flawed Gems
9 War In The Night Before 12 audio iTunes 1971 Tickle
10 Arcipelago 2 audio iTunes 1970 Radio Records (3)

Behind the Underground Set name hid, for contractual reasons, the musicians from [a593634]. But surely the mastermind behind them was composer [a=Gian Piero Reverberi], who was also the producer of [a=Le Orme]. The Underground Set were often thought to be an English group, their first album having been issued in many European countries. It's interesting to notice that the group has been mentioned as English in Vernon Joynson's Tapestry of Delight book. But in an interview with [a1120093] on the Italian Musikbox magazine, the drummer was one of the first to reveal that the musicians playing on this band's two albums were in fact [a593634], as Radio Records (the label on which the first album and the singles appeared) was distributed by their label Ariston at the time. Mainly instrumental, with just some choral vocal parts, the albums are typical of a late 60's organ-led psychy pop sound and some tracks were used as TV film themes.

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