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Susan Rotholz

Также известно как: Sue Rotholz

Дискография Susan Rotholz:

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American flutist who made her New York debut to critical acclaim in 1981 as a winner of the Concert Artists Guilt Award. Since then she has performed widely in the U. S., Europe and Japan appearing as soloist with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, New York Chamber Ensemble, New England Bach Festival, the Greenwich Symhony, the Brandenberg Ensemble, Jupiter Symphony, Solisti New York, Westmoreland Symphony and the New York String Orchestra at Carnegie Hall under the direction of Jaime Laredo. Ms. Rotholz is principal flutist of the New York England Bach Festival, New York Chamber Ensemble, and the Greenwich Symhony Orchestra. Susan is a member of the New York Pops Orchestra since 1981, and was their acting principal for the 97-98 season. She has served as principal flute with American Ballet Theater, the orchestra of St. Lukes, the Stamford Symphony, and the New York Choral Society. She also performs and tours with Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Speculum Musicae, the New York Philharmonic, the Little Orchestra Society, and the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.

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