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Daniele Vicari

Дискография Daniele Vicari:

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Italian cinema director. Daniele Vicari was born in Castel di Tora (Rieti) on February 26, 1967. He lives and works in Rome. In 2008 he has presented in Rome Film Festival his third long feature film, whose screenplay was adapted from the novel by popular Italian author Gianrico Carofiglio, Il passato è una terra straniera. He majored as a film critic and in history of art from the University of Rome. He writes for the magazines Cinema Nuovo, and Cinema Sessanta. He co-directed the documentary Partigians (1997), together with Antonio Leotti, Marco S. Puccioni, Davide Ferrario, and Guido Chiesa (Ferrario and Chiesa are also part of the Pasolini Oggi project). He also directed the short film Uomini e Lupi (1998) and the feature Non Mi Basta Mai (1999).

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