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Solution (6)

Jay Chinnock

Также известно как: DJ Solution
Группа в интернете: www.soundcloud.com/djsolution, http://www.facebook.com/DJSolutionNEC

Дискография Solution (6):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Pressure Point / Krater / Realms Of Chaos 3 audio iTunes 2008 Nu Energy
2 Elements / Requiem 4 audio iTunes 2010-06-22 Nu Energy
3 Outbreak 2 audio iTunes 2011-04-05 Nu Energy
4 Inception 3 audio iTunes 2013-03-18 Stamina Slam Series

Solution’s love for music spans back over 12 years ago where he developed a passion and desire for a large variety of music ranging from Dance/Hard House to Metal/Rock and more recently Hardcore/Freeform/Gabber. In 2001, Solution discovered the Hardcore scene and found it inspirational with the variety of sounds, since then, this is what he has been mixing as a DJ and is heavily influenced by underground music. During this time he had many ideas of making his own music but no experience. Then in 2007, he met Alex McDougall (1 half of Ephexis) and this gave him the opportunity to learn music production by going into the Ephexis studio for tuition. He used Alex’s skills and knowledge to develop his own ideas and from this came up with his first completed project in early 2008. Solution + Ephexis – Pressure Point which was signed to Nu Energy Records, was featured on the Hardcore Underground 3 album and reviewed in the Core Magazine by Joey Riot describing the track as ‘wicked peak time freeform’. This inspired him to set up his own studio and put more effort into making his own tracks. Following this he has had numerous completed tracks including Solution + Ephexis - Elements and Solution + Ephexis - Requiem (both of which are signed to Nu Energy Records and featured on the Hardcore Underground 4 and Hardcore Energy albums). Following this he has written several other tracks with producers including Kevin Energy, Endemic, Nick 235 & Pinnacle some of which feature on the Hardcore Underground 2010 album! As mentioned above, Solution is also a DJ and has been booked across the UK at events like Freeformation, Raindance, Hardcore Underground, Natural Born Ravers(Dance Island 2008), Fusion, Electrik plus loads more and is starting to get bookings abroad. He has played alongside all of the biggest names in Hardcore/Freeform. He is also was selected for a DJ Agency called 'Spit n Spin' and has also been included on the G Force Artist Agency. He puts 110% into every set he plays, regardless of the size of the night and is known for his seamless mixing and cutting abilities and rocks the crowd everytime! His main styles are hardcore and freeform, ranging from bouncy basslines to the full on purist sound. The future looks good for Solution as he looks to continue to develop his production ability and write his own music and has plans to collaborate with other Artists/MC’s. He also looks to continue to DJ across the UK and has aspirations of playing in other countries like Finland and Australia. Bookings/email/msn: djsolutionlive@hotmail.co.uk Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/djsolutionfreeform Places played/been booked for include: Freeformation Dance Island 2008 (Natural Born Ravers) Hardcore Underground Raindance Freenergy (Poland) Fusion Hardcore Revelation (Freeformation vs HU Arena) Ravers Are: Insekt Hidden Core Electrik Bounce 2 This FREENERGY (Poland) Hardcore Awakening (Tenerife) Whos Hardcore Totally Ardcore Hard South Chemical Generation Nyce1 Unleashed White Noise Rehabilitation (ADT) Annihilation (ADT) Hardcore Momentum White Noise Future Hardcore 3 Future Hardcore 2 Rush Cyberlife in the Chalet 1 & 2 (Hardcore Heaven Weekender 3 & 4) Vibealive Spiritual Element Insurgence Freecore

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