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Члены группы Windpearl: Gabriel Hautclocq
Группа в интернете: http://www.wilduniverse.org/artist/1, http://windpearl.bandcamp.com, http://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/windpearl, http://gabriel.hautclocq.free.fr/#windpearl-accueil

Дискография Windpearl:

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Windpearl is mainly a producer of electronic music, founded in 2000 by its unique member Gabriel Hautclocq. Its music is well recognizable among the electro scene: dark, atmospheric, melancolic and cyber-punk tracks ranging from zero-beat ambient to hardtek through some chiptune and drum & bass tracks. The first albums of Windpearl were never released to a vast audience and have only been distributed among family members and friends. This first serie of album was known as "GabMix" followed by the year of release. Three albums and one single have been released : GabMix 2000, GabMix 2001 and GabMix 2003, and the single of "Funky". Conscious that the name "GabMix" wasn't looking very professional, a new name for the band have been chosen : Windpearl. The first album to be released under that name was titled "Echoes of Nothingness" but once again, it was only reserved to friends and family, although it is not impossible for this album to be released to the public one day. The next two albums have been released to the public through various platforms on the web : Jamendo, Dogmazic and Bandcamp. The first was "I love you a bit..." released in 2007 and the second "Mother Earth" in late 2008. A new album is in progress but yet it remains unfinished.

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