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Honore Dutrey

Также известно как: H. Dutrey, Honoré Dutray, Honoré Dutrey, Honore Dutray

Дискография Honore Dutrey:

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Jazz trombonist (born 1894 in New Orleans, LA, USA - died July 21, 1935 or 1937, Chicago, IL, USA). In 1910 he started playing trombone in various bands in New Orleans, including Jimmie Noone's outfit. In 1917 he joined the Navy and was involved in an accident that permanently damaged his lungs causing him to suffer from asthma that eventually took his life. From 1920 to 1924 he played trombone with King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band, Carrol Dickerson, Johnny Dodds and Louis Armstrong's Stompers at the Sunset Cafe in Chicago. He also often led his own bands. After 1924, he played in several big bands, among others with the violinist Carroll Dickerson. He stopped his career in 1930 due to his asthma.

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