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Fast 3

Caspar St. Charles, Dave Wilkinson, Phil Wilkinson

Также известно как: Fast3
Члены группы Fast 3: Caspar St. Charles, Dave Wilkinson (3), Phil Wilkinson
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/fastthree

Дискография Fast 3:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Pole Position 8 audio iTunes 2004-05-00 Hammondbeat
2 Don't You Want Me 2 audio iTunes 2004 Butterfly Records

The mobile phone, the computer game, the digital camera, "programmed" music... growing up in the 1980s, the Wilkinson brothers have seen such familiar friends bloom from humble beginnings, and its perhaps because of this that they look to earlier decades for something "new" and inspirational. Fast 3 too started from humble beginnings. Phil and Dave’s early forays into improvisation took the form of organ and trumpet duos in the backroom of a two-bedroom house in Nottingham, England. As Dave moved to guitar, a need for rhythmic accompaniment became evident. Starting with loops, samples and breaks, the brothers formed Deville and played a storming set at Londons Jazz Cafe to a small, but delighted, audience. A few drummers were later tried out, a small unreleased E.P. with Nottingham mainstays Carl Bingham (Bass) and John Perry (Drums) under the name of Perringham Slimp and then a temporary split. Dave to Barcelona, Spain, and Phil to London. It didnt take long for a re-union to happen, and in September 2002 Dave took a trip to London to record with Phil and new-found drummer Andrea Trillo. This session, recorded under the name of Fast 3, resulted in a cd of Jazz/Groove covers and was host to 2 outstanding tracks: "Kooki Kop" - an original from the Deville days -and a dazzling arrangement of The Human Leagues "Don't You Want Me." These two tracks were released in 2004 as a single on Butterfly Records (Spain). With only 333 copies made and with an rpm of 33, this vinyl gem continues to gain popularity amongst hardcore Jazz/Funk fans. Phil's decision to join Dave in Barcelona sparked a new energy in the brothers and in summer 2003 Andrea joined them in Barcelona to play a set of 3 dates with 60's Blue Note recording legend George Braith. English-born Caspar St. Charles then joined the group in early 2004, replacing Andrea on drums for geographical reasons, and another set of dates with George Braith took place, the boys delighted to be playing tunes originally recorded with George by such greats as Grant Green, John Patton and Ben Dixon. An unreleased CD of Jazz Standards with London-based Tenor player, Renato Daiello was recorded and then came the highlight of the bands recording career to-date - THE GRIFTER. 11 tracks of heavy Hammond groove were layed down during July 2004 in the bands own Pimpos Studios. Dave, Phil and Caspar are also well-respected musicians in their own right having played with Jazz, Blues and Soul names such as, Sharon Jones, Alvin "Young Blood" Heart, Charlie Wood, Sheila Weaver (The Supremes), Ray Gelato, Damon Brown and Pete King... but it's in Fast 3 where they really get their kicks and this is quite apparent, both live and on record. Through a mutual love of groove and respect for each others music, Fast3 formed a tight friendship with the UK's funk monsters The New Mastersounds and through this relationship came their signing to One Note Records. Members: PHIL WILKINSON - Joined Band: 2002, Role: organ DAVE WILKINSON - Joined Band: 2002, Role: guitar CASPAR ST. CHARLES - Joined Band: 2003, Role: drums Former Members: ANDREA TRILLO - Years with Band: 2002-2003, Role: drums

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