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Группа в интернете: http://www.subterania.co.za, http://www.sacrifist.com

Дискография Sacrifist:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 The Well Of Sacrifice 10 audio iTunes 2004 Alter Ego
2 Surrealist Plague 11 audio iTunes 2008 Not On Label (Sacrifist Self Released)
3 Liquid Seasons 14 audio iTunes 1999 Not On Label (Sacrifist Self Released)
4 When The Tides Turn 6 audio iTunes 1995-02-10 Not On Label (Sacrifist Self Released)

[a1411028] is one of the longest running metals bands in SA history ever, with some of the highest selling album and merchandise sales in the SA metal industry. But it is live where the true [a1411028] is revealed! In 1993, Sammy F. Simegi, Michael Kiefer, Paul Verster and Andre Liebenberg formed [a1411028]. Bands such as [a262503], [a269173], [a260844], [a18845] and [a244819] were the musical influences for the material written by [a1411028], and in 1995 the first album “The Tides Have Turned” was recorded, although not released until a few years later. 1997 saw [a1411028], [a1966413] and [a4072262] take the “Agony and Ecstasy Tour” across the country backed by Jack Daniels and Old Kimberly, in a blur of hotels and motels, highways and byways, aspirin and a truckload of bourbon. The same year [a1411028] joined [a2373628] on the “Death before Disco” tour, spreading havoc wherever they performed and leaving each town with a rapidly expanding national fan base. In December 1997 [a1411028] embarked on a headlining tour of South Africa “The Summer Blast SA Tour” backed by Nuclear Blast. By 1999, [a1411028] released their second album “Liquid Seasons” and Andre Liebenberg persisted to target the mainstream markets, and in 2002 Sammy F. Simegi, Michael Kiefer and Paul Verster brought the band back to its original sound and heaviness with Shaun Moseley joining on bass. 2004 sadly saw Paul Verster leaving the band to attend to his business. Byron Meyers took over on lead and it was in 2004 that [a1411028] finally entered the studio once again to record their best album to date “The Well of Sacrifice”. Dwayne Coetzee was brought in on vocals. 2005 has seen SacriFist gigging from Pretoria to Durban to Nelspruit. Their powerful melodic metal has regained their original fan base and gathering an increasing number of new fans, not only locally but across the globe. The live shows have an ever increasing amount of energy and are an experience on its own to watch. The songs online have had over a thousands of downloads, and SacriFist is finally taking back the original metal glory. In 2005 SacriFist signed a distribution deal with Alter Ego Records. The DestrucTour was planned for early 2006 seeing [a1411028] and [a2019522] with many other friends rip across the country. 2008 saw the release of "Surrealist Plague" and became one of Subterania Music's best South African sellers ever. The band again toured, notably with Mind Assault. Today SacriFist is seen as one of the biggest and most successful metal outfits in SA history and is fortunate enough to be part of the headline bands at all major metal festivals across the country.

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