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80/20 Rule, The

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/8020rule, http://www.dither.se/artists/?id=2

Дискография 80/20 Rule, The:

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The band was formed in Gävle, Sweden in 2007 by Mattias Beijmo and William Blackmon. The same year they recorded the EP "Solve The Problem Underwater" which they released by themselves. Following the EP they made a small tour in Sweden together with Oh Laura and Miss Li amongst others. In late 2008 they entered the studio to record their first album "Northeast" which was released by Dither Music And Noise on the 30th of March 2009. The album was produced by, except for members Mattias Beijmo and William Blackmon, [a=Eskil Lövström] who earlier has worked with artists like [a=Refused], [a=Hell is for heroes] and [a=Starmarket (2)].

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