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Члены группы Opponents: Aaron Feinstein, Joshua Slusher
Группа в интернете: www.OPPONENTSNYC.com

Дискография Opponents:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 I Swarm With A Thousand Bees 6 audio iTunes 2010 Obsolete Units
2 Rat Racing 6 audio iTunes 2009 The Comic Beyond
3 Psychic Blast Police 5 audio iTunes 2010 The Comic Beyond
4 Split 4 audio iTunes 2010 The Comic Beyond
5 Click Here To Try Drugs 5 audio iTunes 2010 Baked Tapes
6 Together We Will End The Future 8 audio iTunes 2011 Prison Tatt Records
7 Ambivalent Cloud Designs 9 audio iTunes 2011 Obsolete Units
8 Scopes Sarcophagus 5 audio iTunes 2011-09-00 905 Tapes
9 Thought Control 6 audio iTunes 2013-01-21 Baked Tapes
10 Telepathic Times 6 audio iTunes 2013 Prison Tatt Records
11 Psychosexual Spiritual 5 audio iTunes 2013 Out-Of-Body Records

OPPONENTS were founded in late 2006 in New York City by the duo of Joshua Slusher and Aaron Feinstein. In Late 2009 they were joined by Joshua Greco to form the current lineup as a trio.

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