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Teddy Nelson

Terje Nielsen

Также известно как: Teddy
Группа в интернете: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teddy_Nelson

Дискография Teddy Nelson:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Nashville In My Heart 12 audio iTunes 1980 Arne Bendiksen A/S
2 Honky Tonk Man 13 audio iTunes 1985 Mountain
3 Millions Of Miles 12 audio iTunes 1990 Light Sound
4 Diggy Liggy 14 audio iTunes Play Country
5 Point Of Departure 12 audio iTunes 1978 Sonet
6 Lookin' For The Good Times 11 audio iTunes 1983 Polygram Danmark
7 Oksefestival / I'm Just Getting By 4 audio iTunes 1979 Triola
8 Weaver Of Dreams 10 audio iTunes 1980 Sonet
9 10 Teddy 11 audio iTunes 1986 Arco Records
10 A Little Bit of Heaven - Songs of Johannes Kleppevik 12 audio iTunes 1975 Plateselskapet Cosmo
11 Oh Susie Be Mine / Why Don't You Read My Letters 2 audio iTunes 1964 Columbia
12 Norway Jon / Bare En Liten Cowboy 2 audio iTunes 1964 Columbia
13 Fredløs Rytter / Yambalaya 2 audio iTunes 1965 Columbia
14 Et Minne For Livet / En Presset Blomst 2 audio iTunes 1965 Columbia
15 Sally's Bar / Gyldne Løfter, Fagre Ord 4 audio iTunes 1968 Columbia
16 Point Of Departure / No Love Have I 4 audio iTunes 1978 Sonet
17 You Were Made For Me 10 audio iTunes 1991 Elli Records
18 Teddy Nelson 14 audio iTunes Home's Musikk
19 Langs Norskekysten 42 audio iTunes 2014-05-19 Talent (2)

[b]Teddy Nelson[/b] (1939 - 1992) was born [i]Terje Nielsen[/i] in Bergen on August 23, 1939. He quickly made his mark in the Norwegian country music scene as the first artist to bring humour into the otherwise dark and dim lyrics of the genre, and for his nasal vocal performance. He made his debut as an artist in 1955, and made his first record in 1964. By 1970 he had recorded and released fourteen singles, many of them with [a=Flying Norwegians]. They would later function as his backing band for his first two albums. In 1976, Nelson recorded his debut long play album "Diggy Liggy", which turned out to be his major breakthrough in Norway, and which became the number one country music record in Norway that year. A few years later he finally achieved fame in USA, becoming the first Norwegian singer to perform at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Here he was also named «International Star of the Year» in both 1981 and 1982. In 1989 he was awarded the Country Music Roundup in London, the highest recognition of country music in Europe. Since then, he has been credited by many Nashville producers as being one of the artists to make way for «The modern Nashville sound». In the spring of 1991, Nelson was diagnosed with lung cancer after a lifetime of smoking. The illness took its toll on the singer, who nonetheless refused to give in, staying active until the very end. During his final year he began a collaboration with famed country artist Skeeter Davis, but the duo was sadly shortlived, it's only product being the 1991 album "You Were Made for Me". On June 8, 1992, Nelson was on tour in Denmark, when he died suddenly whilst relaxing in the backroom, waiting to take the stage in Ålborg. He was 52 years old. Since his death, Nelson has been given tributes by both his son, Rudi Nielsen, who performs with his own band playing his fathers songs. He also performed and recorded with his father from 1979-1992. Norwegian group Vassendgutane has also done covers of Nelsons songs both on records and live, whith two of the members in the band being former band members in Nelsons own touring band.

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