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Allan Johansson

Также известно как: A. Johansen, A. Johansson, Allan "King" Johansson Och Hans Rytmiska Juloktett, Allan "King" Johanssons Lilla Plinke-Plonke-Band, Allan "Släng" Johansson

Дискография Allan Johansson:

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Swedish pianist, singer and arranger born in 1919. In 1939 he was part of Lulle Wllbojs orchestra at Gröna Lund. During the 1940ies he played together with both [a=Alice Babs] and [a=Gösta Törner]. In 1946 Allan Johansson became conductor at Avalon and La Visite with [a=Brita Borg] as vocalist. The same year the group Flickery Flies was formed and he started a long lasting collaboration with [a=Povel Ramel].

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