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Anthony Garcia

Anthony Garcia

Также известно как: Antonio Garcia, DJ Anthony Garcia, DJ Garcia, Garcia, MC Compton
Члены группы Anthony Garcia: G&G Groove Factory, Groovox, Whitehouse Project
Группа в интернете: http://www.djgarcia.tk, http://soundcloud.com/djgarcia, http://www.facebook.com/anthonygarciadj, http://twitter.com/DjAnthonyGarcia, http://www.youtube.com/justgarcia, http://myspace.com/djanthonygarcia

Дискография Anthony Garcia:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Open It Up / Close Down 2 audio iTunes 2006-04-00 SP Groove Records
2 Ready 4 audio iTunes 2014-03-25 TH MUSIC
3 Harlem Shake 4 audio iTunes 2013-03-26 Only The Best Record
4 Let The Music Flow 5 audio iTunes 2011-02-25 Building Records
5 Looking For Love 7 audio iTunes 2009-06-09 We Love Brasil
6 Biroska EP 3 audio iTunes 2005 URBR - Underground Records Brasil
7 Party Cool 4 audio iTunes 2014-03-18 TH MUSIC

Brazilian DJ, producer e songwriter. With over 20 years of DJing is one of the 50 best Brazilian DJs, awarded by DJ Sound Awards for his Live PA of Hip House – Whitehouse Project, always performing at major nightclubs and music festivals in Brazil, such as Rock in Rio, Planeta Atlântida and Brazilian Oktoberfest (who's reached his record of 128.000 people). His most recent work “Harlem Shake – Electro Rework” released in Miami at the Winter Music Conference hit great music charts around the world, being the DJ’s favorite version and air played by BBC Radio 1. Anthony Garcia also hosts the radio show “Na Balada” on Jovem Pan SJC (Radio station #1 in Brazil).

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