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Aila Meriluoto

Aila Marjatta Meriluoto-Paakkanen

Также известно как: A. Meriluoto, A.Meriluoto

Дискография Aila Meriluoto:

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Aila Meriluoto (born January 10, 1924 in Pieksämäki, Finland) is a Finnish poet, author and translator. Aila Meriluoto released her first anthology "Lasimaalaus" at the age of 22, in 1946. It has become one of most popular anthologies in Finland. In 1948 she got married to author [a=Lauri Viita], the marriage lasted 8 years. After the divorce, in 1962, she moved to Sweden. There she wrote her first novel, in 1971, called "Peter-Peter". Shortly after, in 1974, she returned to Finland and wrote a biography of her late husband, Lauri Viita. Later on she married professor Jouko Paakkanen († 2004), and she currently lives in Helsinki, Finland.

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