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Также известно как: "Ramblers" Orkesteri, Ramblers, Ramblers Orkesterj Klaus Salmen Johdolla
Члены группы Ramblers-Orkesteri: Aarre Koskela, Eero Väre, Gösta Hagelberg, Hilding Bäckström, Kaarlo Valkama, Klaus Salmi, Toivo Kärki, Wilfred "Tommy" Tuomikoski
Группа в интернете: http://pomus.net/001595

Дискография Ramblers-Orkesteri:

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Finnish orchestra, founded by [a=Klaus Salmi] in the end of the 1920s in Helsinki; disbanded officially in 1952, even though the orchestra backed some Finnish artists after that. First recording published was "Muistan sua, Elaine" in 1931 (through [l=Homocord]). In 1937-38 the orchestra performed and recorded with [a=Matti Jurva]. Due to the various styles the orchestra performed, the members often played several instruments. Also the line-up of the group changed various times, but here is an incomplete list of the members: Klaus Salmi - trombone, trumpet, French horn, cello Tommy Wilfred Tuomikoski - saxophone, clarinet (died in 1937) Leo Adamson - guitar Merle Wilkin - sousaphone Lelle Andersen - tenor saxophone Alvar Kosunen - trumpet Eero Hyvärinen - piano Asser Fagerström - piano Aarre Koskela - piano (until 1935) Toivo Kärki - piano, accordion (joined 1935) Jomi Leino - drums Gösta "Hageli" Hagelberg - drums Eddy Rönnqvist - saxophone Kaarlo Valkama - saxophone, clarinet, violin Eero Väre - alto saxophone, clarinet, violin Sulo "Poti" Alatalo - trumpet Hilding Bäckström - guitar, bass

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