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Kevin Shiver

Также известно как: Kevin "KJ" Shiver, Kevin (Dj Kj) Shiever, Kevin (KJ) Shiver

Дискография Kevin Shiver:

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Through the years, Kevin "KJ" Shiver worked in clubs around the country and soon, he landed a ten-year residency with 'Crown Leisure Corporation', who managed and owned "JJ Whispers" a premier nightclub in Orlando (Florida) that hosted the 'XL106.7 Throw Down' (mix show). About 1986, KJ befriended several future groups such as Linear and Steve B. and started picking up production tips and equipment. From there he started getting into producing for himself and by 1990 he had his first release (Project 5's "The New Style" and "LSD User"). That group and the subsequent group (see K5) put out records and he learned from those ventures how to correctly promote and market his material.

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