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Dennis Letnom, Roël Donk and Jihad Rahmouni

Члены группы SoundG8: Dennis Letnom, Jihad Rahmouni, Roel Donk
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/soundg8, http://twitter.com/Soundg8, http://www.soundg8.hyves.nl/

Дискография SoundG8:

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Three talented musicians decided to combine forces and do what they do best: compose write and produce songs. Dennis Letnom, Roël Donk and Jihad Rahmouni met eachother through a production project where Jihad was hired to write lyrics to a song composed by Dennis & Roël, working under the name [a=soulmate music]. Jihad (former member and founder of [a=beatkidz], Dennis & Roël hit it off straight away and soon began working with eachother regularly on different projects under the name SOUNDG8.

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