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Lucius works here

Shakira Benavides

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/luciusworkshere, http://www.lastfm.es/music/Lucius+Works+Here, http://www.luciusworkshere.com

Дискография Lucius works here:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Un Mapa Del Alma 19 audio iTunes 2008-09-26 Foehn Records
2 Un Camino Escondido 4 audio iTunes 2008-05-23 Not On Label
3 Pequeño Almanaque Espacial 11 audio iTunes 2013 Foehn Records

She immersed herself for the first time in the world of music putting together a band when she was 15 years old where she would be the singer and lyric writer, but it wasn't until much later, starting in 1992 she would direct all of her lifestyle and surroundings to it as a co-founder of Wah Wah Records, being dj Shakira with her own radio shows since 1995, as host of a video tv show called Plan B on BTV... The next step would be to return to take back her creative reins as producer of her own music in 2004 under the name of Lucius Works Here by setting herself in front of the computer. Shak always takes an introspective trip with her work, with the intention to achieve an austere production and create straight-forward melodies, putting them together with samples, soundscapes and monologues taken from european films... electronic landscapes with acoustic aspirations that transmits harmony. That same year she worked on the soundtrack and also as sound designer for the theatrical piece "Medea, La Stravaganza" by Carlos Concha. In Spring 2005 she's interviwed by Acetone virtual magazine (www.acetonemagazine.org) where she showcases her project for the first time in public eyes and one year later debuts her first performance at the anniversary party of the same magazine at Saladestar, and after would participate at festivals Femelek'06,'08 & '09, Djs Against Hunger'06, L.E.M.'06 and Sonar'08. Since 2006, she played in Sala Castello, Naumon ship, Miscelänea, Convent Sant Agusti, Heliogàbal, Instinto, El Niu, La Casa Encendida, Sala [2] and Les Basses. In May 2007 she played in a laptop jam session with Institut Fatima, Arbol and D-Fried. In Femelek'08 she participated as dj playing and spinning her own work mixed and presenting her new project Lazy Daisies Ladys also, formed with Io Casino in 2007. In May 2008 she plays in LiveSoundtracks creating a soundtrack inspired in Love Earth film (Alistair Fothergill/Mark Linfield) and included in the compilation LiveSoundtracks by Emilii Records (2008). She has recorded her own CD Ep Un Camino Escondido (A Hidden Path) and a full length album Un Mapa del Alma (A Map of the Soul) with Foehn Records.

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