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Дискография Cycomotogoat:

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From Hoboken, New Jersey. Between 1992 and 1997, Cycomotogoat produced 3 cd's and toured the USA extensively,sharing the stage with artists such as Blues Traveler, The Allman Brothers, The Black Crowes, The Dave Matthews Band and Sheryl Crow. They also performed as part of the HORDE tour from 1993 through 1996. Originally known, with a different drummer, as Bah Gah Brothers (the name under which the trio issued Is There a Doctor in the Fish?), Cycomotogoat surfaced during the heyday of self-conscious '70s revivalism yet comes off like the real thing on its lengthy self-released EP. The Hoboken trio's dirty boogie suggests a well-preserved Blue Cheer, with lyrical nods to Mercedes cars and Uzi machine guns keeping reality in check. "Serenading Her Soul" and "Tongue and Groove" explore promising terrain, pairing straight-ahead chug with non-flaky psychedelic tendencies. Musically, they surpass more fashionable retro-sludge wankers Monster Magnet and less-dynamic punk rockers Seaweed. The full-length Alkaline may have suited Cycomotogoat's affiliation with Blues Traveler, but as throwbacks go it's a lackluster likeness. Sporting a cleaner sound than the EP, the group seems as tired as a bar band and just as low on ideas. Ham-fisted hard-rock numbers gloss over crude spots with Crugie Riccio's Hendrixy guitar solos, while his voice is reduced to a hoarse howl. Cellist Tom Cora sits in on two unrewarding quiet numbers, but the band has slumped enough to merit unflattering comparisons to Steppenwolf.

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