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Joe Rosario

José Rosario

Также известно как: J. Rosario
Группа в интернете: http://www.youtube.com/user/marceska1

Дискография Joe Rosario:

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Joe Rosario is the pseudonymous one, which it was beginning to use as DJ showman. It initiated his career in year 1982 in the pubs in Magalluf in Mallorca. In year 1983 it begins Arenal is employed as DJ at the discotheques at Mallorca as Snoopy's, Joy Palace, Zorbas. There it knows DJ Sammy, who was successful in the year 2001 with the album "Heaven" and they work together. Years later it begins in macrodiscotheques in Mallorca as Riu Palace, Tito's, BCM. In year 1989 it formed the group [a=Bravo & DJ's] and in the December, 1989 light saw single "Difácil Rap". The boys have recorded the song in Joe Rosario's flat in Arenal in Mallorca and no success was waited. They have become surprised with the success of the same one. But it began to do success from the album " Esclavos de la noche " in 1990. The CD was nº1 in best-sellers of the whole Spain (it was sounding in the radio 40 Principales) and almost in the whole Latin America. And his topic obtained the title " the summer song " in several countries. In May, 1990 the single would be thrown "Sex O Sentido". In year 1991 it turns Bravo & DJ's with his maxisingle Difácil Rap in the first exponent of the Iberian rap editing a disc in Mexico. 13. Of December, 1991 Joe Rosario put end to the group Bravo & DJ's and they offered him to be employed at Madrid with Jose Antonio Abellán at Dream Production, s.a. and at TVE s.a. In year 1992 it produces single "Recuerdos en la ciudad" and in year 1996 it produces single "AMMEN". In year 2001 Joe Rosario Productions founds his company and in year 2003 it produces CD " Dreams of The Heart ", presented in DECCA Classic Music and in SONY EPIC in England. Several topics of this CD are to listen in his page marceska1 in You tube. Nowadays this one being employed at 5 new topics, type dances, that go out in presentation in the summer 2011.

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