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Roger Burn

Roger Edward Burn

Также известно как: Roger "Stung" Burn
Группа в интернете: http://www.insidejazz.com/Roger_Burn%2FRoger_Burn_Bio.htm

Дискография Roger Burn:

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Vibist, keyboardist, leader of Shapes 13 april 1962 - 29 march 2009 Originally a drummer, Burn studied vibraphone and piano with artists like Victor Feldman and Ed Wolff. He performed on vibes, keyboards and vocals with artists like Lionel Richie and the Brian Setzer Orchestra before forming Shapes in the late 1990s. As composer and bandleader for the group, Burn helped to reshape the face of fusion in Southern California, and their two albums (“The Last Farewell” and “The Big Picture”) brought accolades from critics and fans worldwide. He also performed with Triple Spec, a Shapes offshoot with Yellowjackets bassist Jimmy Haslip, and taught at the Musician’s Institute. His vibraphone work can be heard on the soundtrack of "Sideways".

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