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M & O Band

Также известно как: M & O Band, The, M. & O. Band
Члены группы M & O Band: Colin Owen, Muff Murfin

Дискография M & O Band:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Let's Do The Latin Hustle 2 audio iTunes 1976
2 Summer Hustle 2 audio iTunes 1976 Paladin
3 White Christmas 2 audio iTunes Birds Nest Records

This studio act was assembled by studio owner and producer Muff Murfin and his engineer and assistant Colin Owen. Murfin, who ran a recording studio at the back of a department store in Worcester, England, recorded many acts under various names before becoming involved with the burgeoning northern soul scene in the mid-70's. A specialist at duplicating sounds, he recorded tracks for Disco Demand under names like The Jezebelles and The Sounds of Lancashire and also worked with Wigans Ovations. He then built the Old Smithy studio in his large garden and produced television personality John Asher's 1975 Top 20 revival of 'Let's Twist Again'. In 1976 he covered Eddie Drennon's 'Let's Do The Latin Hustle' as the M & O Band and made it a bigger hit. He was accused of sampling part of Drennon's track on his record which he took as a compliment on his close duplication of Drennon's rhythm track. The publicity, however, harmed the act and future records failed to chart.

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