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Mike Stewart (12)

Michael Gassen Stewart

Также известно как: M. Stewart, Michael Stewart, Mike Stewart
Группа в интернете: http://www.oocities.org/officialwefive/michaelbio.htm

Дискография Mike Stewart (12):

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Born 19.04.1945, Riverside, California, USA Died 13.11.2002, Sacramento, California, USA Mike Stewart, singer/guitarist/banjoist, was the guitarist of folk-rock quintet [a=We Five]. He also arranged most of the group’s music. He is the brother of [a=John Stewart (2)] and father of [a=Xiu Xiu]'s [a=Jamie Stewart (2)]. After We Five dis-banded Michael formed a Bay Area (CA) group called [a=West (11)]. Later he became a successful producer with his most prominent work [a=Billy Joel]'s "Piano Man", producing more than 20 albums and singles for such artists as [a=Tom Jones], [a=Kenny Rankin] and [a=Ahmad Jamal]. In the 90's he became a computer programmer.

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