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1st Dude

Sandy Shirely

Группа в интернете: http://www.astorbell.com/1stdude

Дискография 1st Dude:

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Sandy Shirely, known professionally as Stacy Shirely, 1st Dude, was the leader of revolutionary 1990's homecore act Subcute, and is an internet auteur and podcast DJ--as well as occasional online advice columnist! Born Stacy Shirely to one Mary Worth in Wiltshire, UK, Stacy's young life was largely remarkable. He was an avid speller, as well as one of the school's clowns, a skill he would soon develop in the Royal Navy. Among the harsh rush of the autumn waves, he learned to utilize complex mechanical equipment to his advantage, which blossomed into a love of music--both melody and rhythm. He was also known for a time as the person who contracted one of the world's first new diseases during the Falklands War. Besides the 20-plus albums Sandy self-released on his Polymaths Records label under the Subcute moniker, the blips and frings of oceanographic machinery continued to haunt him emotionally. This was understandable, due to his experiences with the aforementioned supervirus and subsequent imprisonment in the machine room out of fear that it might give him super strength. It didn't, and Sandy was released from military conscription with honors, at which point he decided to diversify his musical position by releasing instrumental music--a not insignifcant undertaking that truly makes Mr. Shirely feel, as he puts it, "like a composer." 1st Dude now resides in New York City, we think.

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