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Trem Da Alegria

Члены группы Trem Da Alegria: Amanda Acosta, Fabíola, Juninho Bill, Luciano Nassyn, Patricia Marx, Rick Bueno, Ruben Cabrera, Vanessa (38)

Дискография Trem Da Alegria:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Iô-Iô 2 audio iTunes 1988 RCA Victor

Was a children's musical group created in 1984 by producer and composer Michael Sullivan. It was a hit among the young people and children from 1985 to 1992, the group released eight albums, which sold a total of approximately six million copies. Group began in 1984 with only Luciano Nassyn and Patricia Marx, when the duo recorded the album "Clube Da Criança" with Xuxa and Carequinha. The pair broke out in Brazil with all the songs "Carossel Da Esperança" It "É De Chocolate". Em 1985, has formed a trio including Juninho Bill, and finally Trem da Alegria released their first LP, with many guest appearances and two big hits of: "Dona Felicidade" ( with Lucinha Lins) and Uni, Duni, Tê (with The Fevers). The following year, 1986, the group increased with the addition of Vanessa and came the heyday of the group. The second disc are two songs that became the soundtrack of mandatory children's parties: "He-Man" and "Féra Neném", with Evandro Mesquita doing a duet with Juninho Bill. In 1987 Patricia left the Trem da Alegria (reappearing later in a solo career), but the group's success peaked with "Piuí Abacaxi" (featuring Xuxa), "Orchestra Dos Bichos" and "Thundercats". In 1988 saw the entry of Amanda Acosta. The group was restructured, with the departure of Luciano and Vanessa. The training from 1989 became: Juninho Bill, Amanda Acosta and new member, Rubens, who stayed until the end of the group in 1992. With the last training group won 3 gold records and 2 platinum and has performed throughout the country and in Africa. In 2002 came a new formation of the group ... The training was dissipated in 2004, early 2005. Members: (1984-2004) 1984-1988 (Luciano Nassyn) 1984-1987 (Patrícia Marx) 1985-1992 (Juninho Bill) 1986-1988 (Vanessa) 1988-1992 (Amanda Acosta) 1989-1992 (Rubinho) 1991-1991 (Rick Bueno) 2002-2003 (Bárbara) 2002-2003 (João Augusto) 2002-2003 (Yago) 2002-2003 (Sayuri)

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