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Bas Van Platen

W.B. Meijer

Также известно как: Platen
Группа в интернете: http://www.basvanplaten.nl, http://www.myspace.com/basvanplaten, http://basvanplaten.hyves.nl

Дискография Bas Van Platen:

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Bas van Platen is a dutch trance producer, who collaborates with Setrise and Eddy Clarks. In the summer of 2008 he worked with Setrise from Sunset to Sunrise Recordings on the track Susan West. This track was released in september 2008, and was played in several livemixes and online radio stations including the Paul van Dijk show. With Eddy Clarks he produced Kailua and Caladesi, two sunny mid-tempo tracks named after the two beautiful islands. Both wil be released in spring 2009 on the Sunset to Sunrise label including remixes from Tempo Giusto and Setrise. Discography: Setrise ft. Bas van Platen - Susan West Setrise ft. Bas van Platen - Susan West 2009 Setrise ft. Bas van Platen - Heading East Deep Blue - Echoes From The Heart (Platen & Clarks remix) Setrise vs Techstr - Twisted Blaricum (Platen & Clarks remix) Platen & Clarks - Kailua Platen & Clarks - Caladesi

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