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Knud Lindhard

Также известно как: Knud (Smarthand) Lindhardt, Knud Lindhardt, Lindhard

Дискография Knud Lindhard:

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Danish bass player, singer, producer and record studio owner, born 6 June 1951. From 1968 founding bass player of progressive rock band [a=Old Man & The Sea, The] whom he left in 1973 to pursue a career in a more pop-oriented style. Joined dance hall orchestra Max Five in 1975; the group released an album entitled Lindhardt Rock. His solo album Op, Op, ... was released in 1977. In 1980 Lindhard returned to the rock genre with the group The Wolfgang that released one album. By the mid 80’s a solo artist, touring in Eastern Europe and releasing the single Angel in the UK as Phil Hart. Established himself as producer in the 1980’s and build his own [l=Studio 1, Horsens] where he has worked with hard rock band [a=Pretty Maids], amongst others. Lindhard is sometimes (mis)spelled Lindhardt.

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