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Jeff "Critter" Newell

Jeff Newell

Также известно как: Critter, Critter Newell, J. C. Newell, J.C. Newell, Jeff "Critter" Newel, Jeff “Critter” Newell, Jeff Critter Newell, Jeff Newell, Jeff Newell (Critter), Jeffy Newell, Lil' Critter

Дискография Jeff "Critter" Newell:

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Engineer, including work at [l=Wax Trax! Records] and [l=Nettwerk] with artists such as [a=Ministry], [a=Nine Inch Nails], [a=Skinny Puppy] and their side projects. Jeff “Critter” Newell was born on March 26, 1966 in Chicago, IL, to William and Marilyn Newell. A resident of Studio City, CA and former resident of West Chicago, he died at home on Dec 31, 2011, at age 45.

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