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Gore Gore Girls (2)

Члены группы Gore Gore Girls (2): Ben Foster (2), Dave Naked, Douglas Ward, Erik Elsewhere, Glynis Johnson, John Pierson, Russ Forster

Дискография Gore Gore Girls (2):

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Gore Gore Girls were a short-lived band formed in 1990 by Ben Weasel (vocals), John Jughead (guitar), Glynis Johnson (bass), Russ Forster (guitar), and Erik Elsewhere (drums). The groups was originally called Glynis Johnson and the Disgusteens. The band went through several name changes, including Los Gusanos Amardo and Wiggle, before settling on Gore Gore Girls. Johnson quit the band after their first show. Doug Ward played bass for their second gig. This line up went into the studio and recorded several songs, only one of which was ever released. Bassist Dave Naked joined the band for their third show, opening for Screeching Weasel who, at the time, were split up but played the show in order to pay back a loan to Russ Forster. After the gig, Ben Weasel and Jughead decided to reform Screeching Weasel full-time, recruiting Dave Naked to play bass, and the Gore Gore Girls split. Screeching Weasel has subsequently re-recorded most of the material that Ben Weasel had written for the Gore Gore Girls.

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