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Группа в интернете: http://www.bitmarx.com, http://soundcloud.com/bitmarx

Дискография Bitmarx:

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A technophile futurist turned into a musician, DJ / Producer / Sound Engineer [a=Bitmarx] is considered to be the underground house music's best kept secret. Behind the decks [a=Bitmarx] music is described as haunting, dark, hypnotic, emotional, deep and yet explosive but what sets him apart from other DJs is his mentality towards music: "It's not about what you play, it's all about what you refuse to play." His first production in the studio, a remix for the Australian synthpop group [a=Parralox] became the winner of a worldwide remix competition and was released alongside other mixes from [a=Mark Reeder] (The remixer of [a=Pet Shop Boys], [a=New Order]) and [a=Juan Del Toro] ([a=Gina G], [a=Delta Goodrem]) on [r=1825930] EP. To this day, [a=Bitmarx] has created a series of remixes for a varied and impressive range of artists such as [a=Hernan Cattaneo], [a=Steve Lawler], [a=Tiefschwarz], [a=Steve Angello], [a=BookaShade], [a=Kaskade] and [a=Nic Fanciulli] just to name a few. Bitmarx remixes have rocked the dance floors around world and have gained appreciation from superstars such as [a=Dean Coleman], house music icon [a=Satoshi Tomiie] and techno pioneer [a=Richie Hawtin].

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