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Stefano Sunny

Также известно как: D.J. Stefano Sunny
Группа в интернете: http://www.sunny.it/, http://www.sunny.it/index-home.html, http://www.sunny.it/sunny_deejay_70's_djset_01_10.htm

Дискография Stefano Sunny:

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Stefano SunnyDeeJay, started his career on 1977 and he can be considered along with few others, one of the historical italian Deejays. During this period he has contributed to consolidate the Italian DeeJay image abroad, distinguishing himself for both creativity and artistic capacity, that allows him to receive several awards through the years. His career has brought him to consolles in hundred of Clubs all over Italy, a real Rimini's 80's nights historion with Enzo Persuader into "Bandiera Gialla", the Italian Historical Club managed and held by Bibi Ballandi's Agency, a famous executive RAI producer. Several are the DeeJays that were litterally inspired by Stefano SunnyDj and whose following his teaching and moving from his experience, made a DJ name for themselves. Furthermore in his curriculum includes participation in some TV Shows and Radio Programs, as well as the private networks, and national ones. He plays also in Recording Studios and lends his "opera" for "Italian Remix" projects, Vol.01 such as Vol.02, remixing the lyrics of Enzo Avitabile,Umberto Balsamo,Pooh, Loredana Bertè, Nomadi, Renato Carosone, Umberto Tozzi, Alberto Radius, and many other. He writs and sings two of the mythical Bandiera Gialla signature tunes titled "Il Chinotto " (©1986) used as 1986 RaiDue TV show "Disco Per L'Estate" signature tunes too and "Bimbe Bamba Rock e Samba" (©1987) composed by a full immersion work with Enzo Persuader who is its producer also. At present his work is set in the historical musical era that goes from 1970 to 1989, that he himself rally considers the True Musical Production Age which makes the worldwide dancing clubs history. From this age he really takes the best of Disco Music, Soul, Funky throug New Eve, Rock , Reggae and Disco Dance, but his top skills are about "70's & 80's Disco Funk Soul" where he is a real expert Anyway he is firmly convinced that the public is the core-engine of fun... you just need to combine all of them toghether, the tank ( the Dance Floor)... the right fuel ( the Music)... the engine kind (The Public).... and here we go ... this is the game!

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