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Apple & Stone

Róbert Janíček, Juraj Mitas

Также известно как: Apple&Stone
Члены группы Apple & Stone: Róbert Janíček
Группа в интернете: http://www.appleandstone.com/, http://www.myspace.com/appleandstone, http://www.facebook.com/pages/AppleStone/79000491022, http://twitter.com/appleandstone

Дискография Apple & Stone:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 The Album 11 audio iTunes 2009-12-24 theBizmo
2 Affirmative Dismay 11 audio iTunes 2011-04-22 theBizmo
3 Magma 10 audio iTunes 2012-09-16 theBizmo

Apple&Stone from Trnava City in Slovakia Republic started produce first music around 1994 when 16 years old “Robert Janicek” was spending his time playing with “Casio Keyboards” and recording it on audio tapes. Three years later he met his good friend “Jan Matus” who was also very interested in music. That time it was mostly “Techno Music”. They have been producing that time on very popular computer “Atari 1040, STMF Cubase & Synthesizers Korg and Roland”. Everything was fine because they have been doing what they loved most. Music. It was also time when the name “Apple&Stone” was borne. With girl singer they recorded first single with 3 songs. But Dance Music was not exactly right choice and maybe that’s why they did not succeed in any of Recording Labels such as Sony BMG, Muzika. After trying so hard they lasted little bit longer but than was all over. One year later they tried it again in new music genre which was popular in Germany - “House Music”. They were very excited after purchasing Sampler Emu esi32 which gave them opportunities they never had before. Today Robert still has this sampler but only as a nice memories. It was very difficult time for Apple&Stone without any success which was followed by 6 years of doing pretty nothing. No music at all! However listening a watching music mostly on German TV station VIVA kept Robert’s dream still alive. He never stopped thinking about music and about the “D day” he could start all over again. One of his biggest motivation was ATB+ which still is. In year 2007 Robert started from scratch. He purchased PC and software “Reason4” and was trying to do some Trance and House music. He sent his first new song to his former college classmate “Juraj Mitas” who was in that time working on some websites. Thanks to him www.appleandstone.com website was born and created. Juraj also recommended and introduced to Robert “Apple Computers” and cool music software “Logic Pro 8” (Logic Studio) which Robert thinks is the best one for creating and producing music :-) Apple&Stone was / is creating music from Trance, Dance to Ambient music genre. But “Chill Out” brings to Apple&Stone most success which is also music genre Robert really loves and enjoys to do. “Chill Out” is something what suits him and it plays big part in his music production right now. These days Robert Janicek & Juraj Mitas work together as a “Apple&Stone”. In autumn 2008 they have sent few Demo songs on ATB+ Demo Section (atb-music.com) which was very good step followed on the end by Collaboration with André Tanneberger - ATB+ and releasing one of their song “Authentic Reaction” on his new 2009 Album “Future Memories”

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