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Chainsaw Caine

Mike Findling

Также известно как: Caine, Chainsaw
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/chainsawcaine, http://www.sleazeroxx.com/interviews/chainsaw.shtml, http://www.chanvillager.com/news/archives/character-driven-remembering-chainsaw-caine/article_b028e088-a882-56bc-947c-4900f87260d5.html?mode=story

Дискография Chainsaw Caine:

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[b]Chainsaw Caine[/b] is an American musician, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is best known as the eye-patch wearing, chainsaw-wielding front-man of 80's rockers, [a=Slave Raider] He has since retired from performing and is now working as a booking agent for Time Music Agency, in the Twin Cities [b]Band History[/b] 1975-82 Grey-Star, 1983-90 [a=Slave Raider] 1990-99 Chainsaw, and UKI (Unstoppable Kamikazee Idiots), 2000-2007 Hairball

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