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Cristal (6)

Также известно как: Formația Cristal, Formatia Cristal
Члены группы Cristal (6): Doina Matei, Doru Căplescu, Gheorghe Antistescu, Lili Spătaru, Marian Schwartz, Marin Gheorghe, Puiu Crețu, Tiberiu Cazan, Vasile Șeicaru

Дискография Cristal (6):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 April / Pentru Cînd Va Fi 2 audio iTunes 1980 Electrecord
2 Cristal 10 audio iTunes 1984 Electrecord

Romanian pop-rock band active between 1968 - 1980. During the years, the band changed his members several times: [a1750561] - guitar, he drowned in the Delta, only at 26 years. Norman Lamwu - singer, born in Congo, who died in an accident. [a1750567] - drummer, died very young, after a longer heart disease suffering. Sandu Pârvu - songwriter, organizer, Methodist. Ion Marin (Gechi) - guitarist, who died in an strange accident in his yard. "Nichi" Niculas - guitarist, from the first 'Cristal' line-up, died in strange circumstances. Puiu Creţu - Leader and pianist. Doru Căplescu - trumpeter, percussionist, keyboardist, vocalist, called ''Orchestra Man'', died in 2003 after heart attack. Bebe Hostiuc - guitarist and vocals, band founder, now professor at the Faculty of Physical Education. Anghel Drăguş - drummer, band founder, established in Hannover, Germany, businessman. [a920695] - singer, founder of the band. [a1446123] - Romanian bass guitarist, band founder, now is director of the Theatre of Galaţi. Vasile [a1446122] - flute, saxophone, now music teacher in Galaţi. Marcel Stancu - guitar, composer. Sandu Pascu - bass guitar,from the first band line-up, now set at Tulcea. [a1750553] - singer, established in Galaţi. [a1750556] - established in San Francisco, USA. [a1953538] (Pocorschi) - singer. [a1446121] - guitarist, established in Galaţi. George Arcuş - bass [a1446120] - singer, now businessman Brăila. [a1082995] - solo guitar, now is part of Ştefan Bănică Jr. Big Band. Mitel Bratoveanu - Drums, now established in Timisoara. Have played sporadically in the band: Mintutza Florentina and Rodica Nedelcu (solo voice), Andrei Roland (trombone), Marian Cucu (trumpet), Nelu Bejenaru - drums, now business in Galati.

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